Hello and welcome to my lovely little blog!  My name is Katie and I am mum of 2.5 kids.  Why 2.5 you ask?  That’s impossible right?  Well, I have 2 kids plus a stepdaughter who is with us for half the time – hence the 2.5 kids!  So that’s that part out of the way.  Now to introduce my little monsters darlings.  My stepdaughter Lilian is 9 years old, my daughter Lois is 6 years old and our little man of the house Cody is 3 years old.  Daddy to all 3 and my co-pilot on this crazy parenting adventure is Danny.

As a family we love to get out and do things and visit places but with such a wide age range this can sometimes be tricky.  Using this blog site I intend to review the places we visit and tell you all about them so you can see if they are worth a visit with your family.  I hope you find it useful!