My Nectar points have been stolen!

So last week I popped into Sainsburys for a couple of things while in town and of course scanned my nectar card to gain my points. I happened to glance at my receipt to see how many points I had when I discovered there was only around £1 on there! Having been collecting my points for months and months I knew I had over £66 worth the week before when I had used it so something had clearly gone very wrong!  I had been purposely saving my points for the summer offer of 2 cinema tickets for £5 worth of points as we love to go and see a movie in the holidays and have a family meal out afterwards. With the number of points I had collected we could go several times without it costing me a penny – love a good deal!

Anyway, I got home and rang Nectar who were able to trace my transactions and to my shock they told me that my points had all been used at a fuel station in Leicester on Monday! I have never been to Leicester in my life! So it looks like someone has somehow cloned my card as I still have my original card in my purse. To make matters worse they actually went into the same fuel station the day before and scanned the card (gaining 2 points on their £2.38 spend) which would have then given them a receipt so they knew exactly how much I had saved on there. Can you believe the cheek of it?!

Nectar have been absolutely brilliant and immediately blocked the account.  They have sent me a new Nectar card with a new account and have replaced my stolen points onto the new card. They couldn’t have been more helpful – fab service Nectar thank you!

Let this be a warning to all of you to keep an eye on your points balance with any store loyalty cards you have. I never imagined anyone would clone something like that but apparently it is very common. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again!

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