How To Boost Energy Levels When You’re Running Low

*this is a collaborative post

I don’t know about the rest of you but the last few weeks in the run up to school finishing both myself and the kids have felt completely wiped out.  There has been so much going on including school trips, new class visits, summer bbq, sports days, school plays and more.  It has literally been non-stop.  I found that with so much going on during the day I was staying up late into the night to work on the blog and keep on top of my photo editing (I have recently started my own photography business alongside my normal day job!).  I would go to bed around midnight or later and be up again at 6am, often waking once or twice in the night with Cody having a bad dream/needing the toilet or hearing Danny get up for work at 4am.  I was shattered.  I reached out to my blogging friends and asked them for their top tips on boosting energy levels and was surprised that so many of them had pretty much the same answers – and they were so right!

First and foremost Rachael Robinson from suggested checking iron levels as you can feel loss of energy due to a lack of iron in your body.  Supermarkets sell supplements or iron as well as combined vitamin tablets which may help.  You can also boost your iron levels by eating iron rich foods such as red meat and green veg.

Lots of people recommended drinking more water and eating nutritious energy rich foods rather than reaching for sugary drinks/foods that only give a short term boost.  A good bowl of porridge in the morning can really set you up for the day, as suggested by Lyndsay Gardner from  Nikki Turner-Chaplin who writes at reminded me of banana sandwiches – I haven’t had one of those in years!!  Bananas are great for slowly releasing energy though.  I have often had a banana just before I start swim teaching and it really helps keep me going.

Getting out in the fresh air and having some exercise strangely enough helps leave you feeling more refreshed and gets your body waking up and ready for action.  Try to get out for a walk every day, even if its just to get milk from the shop.


Drinking plenty of water is also so important.  Your body really struggles to work properly without enough water in your system and once you start getting dehydrated your energy levels drop considerably.  The UK government recommendation is to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.  I know I don’t drink anywhere near that!

Get a good nights sleep and avoid hitting the snooze button.  Cass from found that going back to sleep for that extra 10 minutes after hitting the snooze button leaves her feeling more lethargic.  Instead she now gets out of bed straight away to get her day off to a better start.

I love Georgina’s idea of having a luxurious bath.  Light some candles, use those bath bombs you’ve been saving and enjoy a nice peaceful soak.  Sometimes what we really need is to let our bodies relax and recuperate.  I am totally all over this idea!  You can read Georgina’s blog at

If all else fails I am totally with Andy Mackay of – coke and chocolate!!

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