Our Preschool Days Have Officially Come To An End

So yesterday marked the end of an era not just for our family but for many other families as well. Cody has finished preschool (sob 😢).

It isn’t just a big deal for him but for everyone linked to the preschool as it is actually closing down completely. This is the preschool that both myself and my sister went to when we were kids and where Lois thrived so it has a very special place in my heart.  As one of the parents on the board of governors I was part of the group who had to make some difficult decisions and ultimately decided that it was best all round to hand the preschool over to the school we are attached to. In September they will open up a brand new nursery class in its place. They are naming the class ‘ducklings’ which I absolutely love!

Yesterday we had a service at the church where the preschool used to operate from and the children sang for us.  They were presented with a lovely cotton bag each with their names, handprints, logo, group animal and group names on the front. Inside the bags were their memory books, progress reports, peg label, drawer label and a story book each. Such a lovely keepsake.  Cody also asked his teachers and class mates to sign his school shirt to keep in his memory box.



After the ceremony we had a picnic in the hall where the preschool used to run up until 2005. It was quite surreal for me as I remember that hall and the coat pegs so well from my own time at preschool! It hasn’t really changed!

So now our baby boy is off to bigger and better things and the exciting new world of primary school. It seems such a big step for him in comparison to his sisters who were more than ready for school. With this one I’d like to keep him a little longer. He seems so little still (although in height he has suddenly grown and overtaken many of his peers).  I’m certainly going to make the most of the next 7 weeks with him xx


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