Finding Out What The Kids Really Want To Do This Summer

I have found in previous school holidays that we’ve crammed the weeks full of activities and the kids have got so worn out that actually all they want to do is chill out at home.  So this Summer I am determined to find the right balance.  I’m going to try and plan 2-3 outings a week (not necessarily big days out, just a local farm or park) and stick to it rather than running ourselves ragged trying to do too much every single day.

I’ve decided the best place to start is to actually ask the kids what they actually want to do this Summer rather than just making the decisions for them.  You see a lot of parents (including myself!) make the mistake of thinking that kids are only happy if they are on expensive days out to big exciting theme parks, having a small fortune spent on them.  This isn’t always the case.  Lois and Cody in particular are really easy to please and enjoy doing really basic things like building a den in the garden,etc.  Lilian is admittedly a lot harder to please.

Here are a few questions you could ask your kids:

  • What would you like to do this summer? (straight forward and obvious but may struggles for inspiration, better for younger kids)
  • Is there anywhere in particular you would like to visit? (they could come up with pretty much anywhere so if you have places in mind give a few suggestions)
  • Is there anything you enjoyed at school that you would like to learn more about? (i.e. if they enjoyed a particular history topic go to a museum or castle relevant to it)
  • Are there any new foods you would like to try? (have a go at baking, cooking meals together, make smores on a campfire, etc).
  • What activities would you like to do at home? (den building, crafts, board games, movie time)

Lilian isn’t here at the moment for me to ask her but here is Cody’s answer when I asked him what he would like to do:  ‘Erm I want to play football, the thing where you throw the ball up in the sky which is called basketball, run and be speedy and you watch me Mummy.’  Think I can manage that!

Lois: ‘ We could take Willow on a family walk together and go to the park. And we could go to the cinema.’

You see? Easily pleased. No ridiculous big ideas. Just simple, easy things make them happy. It’s not about how much money you spend, its how much time you spend x


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