Our Exciting Delivery!

We are so excited to have received our Yippie Yo crossbuggy all the way from Switzerland!  We are thrilled to have been chosen by Yippie Yo to test and review the crossbuggy and we can’t wait to put it through its paces on our adventures over the next few months.  The Yippie Yo is like a pull along trailer with built in seats and is designed to be used off road where a lot of normal pushchairs would struggle.  It has received a 5 star Best Buggy award for its innovative design.


The buggy arrived in a huge box and I did wonder if it would take me forever to build it, however all I needed to do was pop the wheels on and we were ready to go!  It was so simple to put together.  The wheels pop back off with the push of a button and the seat back folds down flat, making it very easy to transport in the back of the car.

It can carry 2 children up to 40kg in total and uses 5 point harness seatbelts, very similar to a car seat, to keep children secure.


There is a very handy satchel which clips on the back for holding all your adventuring essentials (these cost extra).

A bungee clip is attached to the luggage rack so you could strap things like fold up camping chairs etc on to the buggy.


There is a brake on the handle bar and a clip-on light (these cost extra) on the front and back which I know will come in very handy on the campsites this summer!

Obviously we had to have a play around in the garden and Cody was so desperate to have a proper ride that we decided to take it with us on the school run.  He was so excited (thought of course he totally played Mr Cool the moment we stepped out the front door!).  As we walked down the road there is a piece of path which is too bumpy for his scooter and I had to laugh when he called out to me that he couldn’t even feel the bumps in the cross buggy!  Even going up and down the curbs was effortless.  I can’t get over how easy it is to pull along and I am so looking forward to using it more off-road.

We will put the crossbuggy through its paces then write a full review (with the help of a child’s eye view from Cody!) in a few weeks time.  In the meantime, look out for it appearing in our future posts to see how we are getting on with it!

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