Today I Am Supermum

So this afternoon something very exciting happened in our household, something which had Cody jumping for joy.  I found the missing Nintendo 2DS.

This bloody gadget has been missing for weeks and I have literally turned the house upside down searching for it. We actually have two of them, 1 is Lois’s  and the other belongs to Lilian. As Lilian isn’t here a lot of the time Cody plays on hers a lot. You can imagine how much fun it’s been trying to negotiate sharing 1 between him and Lois ……

So yes, today was great cause for celebration and my son thinks I am supermum.  I now have 2 very happy children with a DS each to play on and 2 very happy grown ups who no longer have to listen to them arguing.

Where did I find the DS you ask? In the wardrobe. Where I put it.  In a safe place.  And completely forgot.  Don’t tell the kids 🙈


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