And That Was May……

May has been a crazy busy month, as it is every year, due to having Lilian, Cody and Danny’s birthdays as well as my Dad’s birthday too.   We celebrated Lilian and Cody’s birthdays with a party in the garden with close family and friends.  It was a little more low key than we normally do but that was exactly what we needed with everything else going on this month.  The kids were spoilt rotten and had a great day and we enjoyed being able to play garden games with everyone instead of rushing around trying to organise a big party with 30 odd kids running riot.

Lois made me very proud by standing up in her class assembly in front of the whole school and parents to say a line.  Not much to celebrate for a lot of people but for this shy little thing it was huge and she was so clear and confident when she spoke.

Both Lois and Cody made great progress this month in their swimming lessons with Lois moving up to stage 5 and now swimming lengths.  Cody has finally worked out how to kick his legs and is getting more and more confident by the week.

I enjoyed a smashing night out at a local Mexican restaurant in Abingdon called Dorindos with the ladies from my WI group.  Yes it might seem a bit weird to be part of a WI at my age but this is a young vibrant group which is full of fun and I love it!  The food at Dorindos was excellent and the atmosphere was great.  I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

We enjoyed a lovely walk with Willow around the local village of East Hagbourne where they had a fairytale themed scarecrow trail.   Our favourite was the adult sized gingerbread man which was amazing!  Gutted it decided to rain and by rain I mean an absolute monsoon so we got completely soaked through.

The last 9 days of May were spent on our family vacation in Spain visiting my grandparents who have lived over there for 18 years.  We had an amazing time exploring ‘real’ Spain with them and particularly enjoyed the boat trip we went on to celebrate Danny’s birthday.

May has been a fantastic month full of fun and has kept us so busy.  June is planned to be somewhat quieter to give us time to recover (and our bank balance to recover!) before the summer holidays hit us!  Whatever you got up to in May, we hope you had fun x

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