A Weekend Of Celebrations

So last week was full of birthday celebrations.  We had Lilian’s 10th birthday on Wednesday, my Dad’s birthday on Thursday and then Cody’s 4th birthday on Sunday.

We normally hold a birthday party at the local leisure centre each year for Lilian and Cody, however this year we decided to have just a small one at home with close family.  It was by far the best decision we have made.  Normally the morning is spent frantically trying to prepare food and make sure we’ve got everything everything we need, then transporting it all to the leisure centre, setting everything up and trying to keep 30 odd kids entertained (plus adults).  Make drinks, serve food, play party games, trips to the toilet.  Eventually once its all over I finally get to sit down with the birthday boy who by that point is on his last legs,  beyond tired and miserable as hell.  Great.


Not this time though.  I threw a chilli con carne in the slow cooker and made a salad then we simply cooked jacket potatoes and garlic bread in the oven.  It was such an easy party tea and one that everyone enjoyed without it being a huge amount of work.  We had beans, grated cheese and coleslaw on the table as well so people could just help themselves and build their own meal to suit them.  We had lots of garden games and toys outside and simply let the kids play.  It was so much more laid back and we actually got to spend time with the kids and play with them.  Swing ball was definitely a hit with the grown ups getting involved as well!  In fact we had so much fun, I totally forgot to take photos! Epic fail.

We are very lucky that my Mum is a cake maker so she made Lilian Shopkins cupcakes and Cody Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes which they both loved.  These served a s a pudding as well and we had enough left over for Cody to take one into school for his keyworker.

Lilian and Cody both had a fab time and loved their gifts.  Willow was equally happy with all the wrapping paper!


So thats it for another year.  I will definitely be doing a party at home again.  Hope your weekend was as fun as ours 🙂


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