And then she was 10!

So today our biggest one turns 10. 10! How on earth do we have a 10 year old already? I mean seriously are we really old enough to have a 10 year old child? Apparently so!

I first met this little lady when she was just a few days old.  Little did I know then that 10 months later I would start dating her Dad, following her parents separation and go on to become her stepmother.  Funny how life works!  I’ve enjoyed being there for each and every one of her birthdays and seeing her grow into the lovely young lady she is today (well – most of the time anyway!).

Lilian is at her Mum’s house today but we spoke to her on the phone at tea time and shes had a good day at school followed by a fun evening with her family and friends.  We will pick her up on Friday to have a fun weekend of celebrations with us, especially as the youngest has his birthday on Sunday – its certainly a busy week!

So Happy 10th Birthday Lilyboo. Love ya millions x





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