New Wheels!

So today has been a bit of an exciting day as we picked up our new car. We previously had a Vauxhall Vectra which has been great but now we have the dog and our camping paraphernalia is always increasing it was no longer big enough for our needs.

Enter the new wheels – a Citreon C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive. And boy am I in love! It is so comfortable and spacious it’s amazing and I love so much about it. The storage for example is fab with 2 dashboard storage cubbys as well as the glove box and cool box compartment. It has a panoramic windscreen which makes it feel like I’m driving a space shuttle and big comfy seats that feel like armchairs.  I love the fact we now have 7 seats again. Before the vectra we owned a Zafira and I’ve missed having those extra seats. It means we can now take the godchildren or our niece out with us.

One big difference with this car is the fact that it’s automatic. I have only ever owned manual vehicles so this is taking some serious getting used to. I keep panicking that I’m going to stall the engine when I come to traffic lights because I haven’t changed gear! I’m sure after a few weeks of driving it will become second nature though.  Now we can look forward to our summer camping trips knowing me can actually fit everything in the car -yey!




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