My Easter Nests Epic Fail

Today was spent gearing up for Easter with the kids making their Easter cards for relatives this morning and Easter Nests (chocolate cornflake cakes) this afternoon. Looking at the pictures below you’d think it was a wonderful rose tinted day with the kids like you see on these dreamy Instagram posts.

You’d be wrong.

You see one thing I am absolutely crap at is baking (that’s if you can even call this baking !). I cannot even make the most basic frigging chocolate cornflake cakes without burning the chocolate to a crumbly mess and having to ring Nanny for emergency advice on how to rescue it (which is to add cream if any of you wanted to know!).  You wouldn’t believe that my mum is actually a cake maker by trade would you! I certainly didn’t inherit any of her amazing cake making skills that’s for sure.  I just got her crazy frizzy hair and ability to gain weight by simply looking at food. Epic fail.

Then to top it off Danny walks into the kitchen as I’m cleaning up and asks why it smells of burnt toast. The look I gave him was enough to make him disappear again very quickly!

On the plus side though the kids have had a great day and are incredibly proud of their creations and in their eyes I currently have supermum status. So there. ✊




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