What Mums really want for Mothers Day

I was in town earlier today and couldn’t help but notice all the Mothers Day gifts everywhere.  From mugs and coasters to aprons and keyrings. Well let me tell you men what us mums REALLY want for Mothers Day.

1. A lie in. To be able to lay in bed, undisturbed, until at least 8am would be absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So when you hear the kids getting up, kindly take them downstairs and leave Mummy in peace.

2. To pee alone. Yes that means prising little Jimmy away from the bathroom door handle for just 2 minutes so Mummy can have a little privacy.

3. Breakfast in bed.  There is no greater luxury than to be brought breakfast in bed.  Do remember though to let her have that lie in first and remind the kids that they don’t need to share Mummys breakfast as they’ve had their own.

4. A home made card. There are some beautiful cards in the shops at the moment but how many other mums do you think receive the exact same one?  To me there is nothing more special in the world than a card made by your little one especially for you.  I keep all mine in a special box and write the year on the back so I  remember how old they were when they made them.

One more thing we all want you men to do – take photos. Mums are often the ones taking the pictures and suddenly when you look back on an occasion or outing you suddenly find it looks like Mum wasn’t even there. Take the damn picture. It doesnt matter if its the kids cuddled up with her all in their pjs, hair looking a mess, just take the damn picture. You won’t get those moments back.

Share this with you partners ladies 😉


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