Our Week 6/3/2017

Its been another hectic week this week, hence the blog being very quiet.  I haven’t had time to add a single post since last Sunday’s review of the week! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

On Tuesday evening Lois and I had a great time on her first outing with Beavers.  We headed to Scout Adventures Youlbury to do a torch lit trail through the woods in search of glowing bottles which each had a letter on.  They had to find all 8 letters and work out the code word.  The trail led us to a campfire where we sat and sang songs and had toasted s’mores (s’mores are marshmallows toasted on the campfire then squashed between 2 chocolate digestive biscuits – if you’ve never had one you must add it to your bucket list for this summer!).  It was a great evening and has got us very excited for future outings and camp outs.

I have been very brave and let Willow off the lead on her walks for the first time this week.  She has been absolutely brilliant and has come back to me when I’ve called her much better than I expected her to.  She loves playing fetch with her ball and having a bit of freedom.  The only thing we still need to work on is her over enthusiastic greetings when she meets people.  She is slowly learning not to jump up at people but a little more practice is definitely required.  Happily though it has been a far more successful week than I had anticipated.  Long may it continue!


On the topic of dog walks, we had a lovely walk up Wittenham Clumps in Little Wittenham this weekend, despite the grey skies and found a great spot for some den building.  The kids also kindly humoured me and allowed me to take some practice shots of them while we were there.  I have recently launched my photography business and love any opportunity to get the camera out.

The rest of the week has been a busy mish mash of work, meetings and trying to juggle every day life.  We have had several birthdays (including my Nan who celebrates hers today – Happy Birthday Nan!), visits with friends and I also look after my baby goddaughter one day a week as well.  My plan next week is to try and get some gardening done – wish me luck!

Fitbit step count this week: 94,949

Weight loss/gain: +1.5lbs (HELP!)

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