Our Week 27/2/2017

So this week as always has been a bit of a busy one.  We finally got the test results back from Willow’s stool samples and they were all clear so thats a relief.  It would appear that her digestive problems are probably due to her being removed from her mother too soon as a baby.  Unfortunately in the last few weeks we have discovered the ‘breeder’ we got her from is in fact being investigated by the RSPCA and police for fraud and illegal importation of puppies from Ireland.  It isn’t clear if she is running some sort of puppy farm or something as well.  Not the best news but at least Willow is doing well now and will hopefully continue to improve.


Lois has had a great week this week.  She was very excited about being invested at Beavers on Tuesday night and receiving her badges and necker.  She also received a Learner Of The Week award at school on Friday for correcting her work and ensuring she had used capital letters, etc.  Her parents evening was brilliant last week and I am so glad she is enjoying school and flourishing.  She isn’t overly keen on writing (unlike her mother!) so I might have to start encouraging her to write our reviews on here to help inspire her writing creativity.  Watch this space!


Cody has been a bit sad this week as one of his best mates left school on Friday to move away to New Zealand with his family.  We had him over to play on Thursday and I treated them to Mcdonalds for lunch.  They had a great time and I’m glad they have those fun memories to keep with them.  He’s certainly going to miss him.

We had a fab trip on Saturday to Milestones Living Museum in Basingstoke (full review here: Milestones Living Museum). They have a great Lego event going on there until 23rd April with some amazing models and a quest for the kids to take part in looking for clues and trying to crack the code.  I highly recommend you visit.  Its all inside so perfect for a rainy day and you can easily spend a good 4 hours or more there.

Today (Sunday) I have been at work renewing my Swimming Teacher Rescue Test qualification which is due to expire later in the month.  This involves demonstrating effective CPR, recovery position, rescues in the pool, answering various operational and first aid questions, etc. You’ll be pleased to hear that I passed (whoop whoop!).


Fitbit step count this week: 95,827

Weight loss/gain: + 3/4 lb

How has your week been? Let me know in the message box below x

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