We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day

It might seem a bit odd for quite a young couple such as ourselves not to bother with Valentine’s Day but for us it just doesn’t sit well. Valentine’s day was invented to help boost card companies sales and the amount it costs just for a bunch of flowers around this time of year is ridiculous. We started out doing the cute little teddy bears and red roses etc in the early years but once we had a mortgage and the kids came along money was much tighter and suddenly it felt ludicrous to be wasting so much money on random crap just because you’re made to feel you should.  So now we dont bother. Nope not even a card. No soppy love notes declaring our love for one another (and my god has Facebook been full of those today!). Because we don’t need to do those things today. We can do them any day of the year.  And we do.

Having said that, with all the Valentine’s paraphernalia in the shops at the moment it is very difficult not to be aware of what today is and of course the kids were very excited about it (god alone knows why?!).  So I decided to make dinner a little bit more special than normal and decorated the dining room with red napkins, red table runner, candles and heart banners.  I cooked a roast dinner which we had this afternoon before I headed off to work and we had cheesecake for pudding (usually a Sunday treat). The kids thought it was amazing and were over the moon with their ‘Valentine’s party’.  Simple little pleasures that didnt cost me a penny but brought so much happiness and excitement to our little family.  I think even the man of the house secretly loved it 😉

However you choose to spend today, happy Valentine’s Day to you all xx



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2 thoughts on “We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day

  1. jowells says:

    We don’t do valentines either. We do get each other a card but it lovey ones we do it to make each other laugh so silly cards, silly poems nothing serious. I’ve always said if you need a day to tell me you love me then you don’t love me- so last night consisted of curry, beer and the walking dead and I couldn’t have been happier!


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