Time Goes Too Fast

This week has been one of those weeks. We all have them. The ones where our feet barely touch the ground as we run from one place to the next and try to squeeze a ridiculous amount of jobs on to our never-ending to do lists. I literally haven’t stopped all week this week. I haven’t had a single evening at home or in fact any time at home at all, hence the lack of blogs this week.  I feel like I’ve barely seen the kids or the puppy and I’ve definitely barely seen the man of the house. And yes he is very grumpy about it…..

This week I did my first ‘official’ photo shoot since launching my photography business, I looked after my 9 month old goddaughter (who I am glad to report survived the ordeal 😉) , I walked Willow a ridiculous amount of miles to try and wear here out and I enjoyed a yummy curry night with some of my dearest friends. I did all the school runs, cleaned the house from top to bottom, cooked, scrubbed some more, hoovered some more, oh and then of course I went to work too (yes I do have a proper job thank you very much). This morning I felt rather proud of myself that not only did I remember that Lois had non-uniform day today, but I also took Cody’s book bag in on the correct day and remembered some pennies for the book sale after school – 👊 #winning.

Meanwhile as I rush around doing all these things I am aware that my sister is at a funeral at the same time burying someone very dear to her and I am reminded once again that life just doesn’t stop, not even for a second, even in moments of grief.  Today also happens to be the 6 year anniversary since losing our Grandad, one of the most important men ever to have been a part of my life.  And I remember how even on that day, 6 whole years ago, still time would not stop for us or even slow down just a little so we could take a moment to process what had happened.

So tonight I should be writing you some fresh fancy content to read instead of this boring ramble. Or I should be reading the book I am supposed to be reviewing by 16th Feb and have still nowhere near finished. But instead I am shattered and I am going to bed. Within a moment it will be time to get up and do it all again…….

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