Willow’s First Walks

Our little puppy Willow is now 16 weeks old and finally this week the time came when we were able to start taking her out for walks. As those of you who are dog owners will realise we are 3 weeks later than most puppies for this milestone. You may have read back at Xmas that Willow fell seriously ill just days after we got her and so all her vaccinations had to be postponed until she had recovered.


With a little pup full of energy it has certainly been a godsend to be able to get her some decent exercise and wear her out a bit!  As you may have seen earlier in the week she has started to chew the door frame when left home alone, but since I’ve been able to walk her she has just slept while I’ve been out. Fingers crossed it continues to prevent her destructive episodes!


Today the whole family took her for a walk together for the first time (I have walked her on my own the first few days to get her used to the lead). She loved having the kids to run around with and we met lots of lovely people and dogs while we were out.



Here’s to many more happy doggy walks!

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