Holiday Plans 2017

I am super duper excited today as we have just booked our flights to Spain which means we are actually really truly going – Eeeek!!

My grandparents have lived in Spain since I was about 12 years old and I absolutely love going over there to visit them.  We took both the girls when they were little but Cody has never been as we last visited nearly 5 years ago!!  Whilst my grandparents have been over to the UK to visit at Xmas time so we have seen them and the kids know them, we haven’t been over there to stay with them in so long and none of their friends have met Cody yet.  I really really cannot wait to take all 3 kids over there and show them all the places we love and introduce them to everyone.  My grandparents live in a tiny little Spanish urbanisation with around 20 houses and all Spanish residents, so rather than your typical tourist holiday this is a trip to ‘real’ Spain.  The kids will get to learn some of the language and see what foods are traditionally eaten and how people live, etc.  It will be a great learning experience for them as well as a holiday.  And of course there is a pool so no escape from swimming even on my time off – I’m a swimming teacher in case you didn’t know!

Here is Lois on our last visit there – look how tiny and cute she is!  I should point out that it isn’t a steep drop behind her like it looks, don’t worry.  This is at a beautiful place called Miravet.  Absolutely stunning views and a very enjoyable little trip across the river on the chain ferry to get there.


Our second holiday this year is also to visit family but this time it’s Danny’s side of the family over in Ireland for the annual family golf tournament and BBQ.   We are planning to do some touring and head up north after the family festivities to visit the Giants Causeway and surrounding area.  Now that we have our National Trust passes there are a lot of places we can visit in Northern Ireland free of charge which is great.  We are looking forward to catching up with everyone as we missed last years event so it’s been almost 2 years since we saw a lot of the family.

So that’s our holiday plans for this year.  No exotic destinations or all inclusive 5* hotels but that doesn’t bother us.  Being somewhere different with new adventures to behold is good enough for us, wherever we are in the world.  I’d love to know what your holiday plans are for this year?  Are you heading off to sunny climates or having a ‘staycation’?  Leave me a message in the comments box below x

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