Feeling Happy On Blue Monday

So today has become officially known across the country as ‘Blue Monday’.  The day where everybody feels depressed about the rubbish weather, lack of money, Christmas being well and truly  over and motivation dwindling on those New Years resolutions.   But you know something?  I’ve had a better day today than I’ve had in weeks and I’m feeling fabulous thank you very much!

This morning (and yesterday) was spent organising and planning our first holiday abroad in nearly 5 years.  Yes it may only be a trip over to Spain to visit my grandparents and not some high flying 5 star all inclusive to Mauritius but to us it is everything and we are so excited.  Lois and Lilian were only tiny tots when we last went over there so they don’t really remember it at all (in fact Lois is adamant ‘I have NEVER been on an airplane Mummy’). Cody has never been abroad and I can’t wait to take him over there and introduce him to everyone and show him all the places that mean so much to us.  I know a lot of my grandparent’s friends regularly ask after the girls so they will be thrilled to see them again and see how much they’ve grown.  It will also be Danny’s birthday while we are there so even more reason to celebrate.

Our other holiday this year is over to Ireland, again to see family but this time on Danny’s side and we also plan to do a little traveling up to Northern Ireland while we’re over there.  I’ve been looking at places to visit and starting to put a plan together of our little tour.  It’s not quite the same as my sister’s travels around Thailand but its a start!

And on top of that I’ve had emails from 3 different venues inviting us to visit and do a review, one of which in particular Lois has been desperate to go to.  I can’t wait to share them with you!

Back to Blue Monday, I was at work this afternoon (I am a swimming teacher for those that don’t already know) and one class in particular all the kids seemed really happy and bright.  I asked each of them out of interest what has made them happy today and I loved their answers.  Two of them said they had particularly enjoyed a project they did at school today (one was learning about Tudors and the other was learning about how to write a report following an ‘alien invasion’ at their school – what an awesome school teacher they must have!).  Another two said they were happy because it was swimming day (and of course they have a fab teacher 😉 ).  The last one simply said he was happy ‘because its Monday’.  Love it.

So, Blue Monday? Hell no! Not in this camp.  What have you done that’s made you feel happy today? x

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One thought on “Feeling Happy On Blue Monday

  1. Debbie Mulford says:

    Simple things for me made a roast dinner tonight, not had time to cook properly in weeks. Also got a week off now from cake making, so going shopping for ME for a change this week 🙂


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