New Year Resolutions

I know a lot of people make new year resolutions and for the most part they never stick to them.  Give it til the end of January and its all gone out the window right? Come on, who else is guilty?  I know I certainly am.

Normally I don’t even bother to make any resolutions because I know damn well I wont stick to them but this year I really do want to make a real effort and we’ve already started to lay the stepping stones to make sure at least some of them happen.

The first one is ‘Spend less, do more’.  In this day and age we seem to spend lots of money on ‘things’ just because they look nice or you like them or just why the hell not?  This year I want to stop doing that and only buy the things that we actually need rather than want.  In terms of doing more I am looking at making our days out and holidays more about doing things which cost very little or even nothing.  We’ve made a start on this by asking my parents to give us a family annual membership for the National Trust for Xmas instead of gifts.  This pass allows us a whole years worth of days out completely free.  We’ll take along our own picnics and as lots of the venues allow dogs in the grounds even our puppy Willow can come along too.  I can’t wait to start exploring lots of new places and the kids

have their National Trust ’50 things to do’ books which they are excited about completing.  The ’50 things’ include den building, camping out, toasting marshmallows on the fire, climbing a tree, etc,etc.  Similar to my previous post , its all about the Simple Things.

The second one is ‘Be Healthy’.  This is about getting up and out more and also eating healthily too.  We eat far too many take aways and rubbish for my liking and I am desperate to get more vegetables into our diets (please please send me your favourite healthy recipes!).  We had an indian take away last night and I’ve now said thats it until February.  Can we manage a while month without take aways? Probably not but lets see how it goes!  As for the exercise bit, well we now have a dog who is going to need an awful lot of exercise so no getting out of it any more!  She is going to need good long walks every day as she gets bigger so we can get burning off those calories while we’re at it. (If you haven’t met our puppy Willow yet you can read all about her here: Our New Addition).

And thirdly, ‘Be Happy’.  Relax more, stop trying to do so much and just enjoy life. I really need to stop telling the kids constantly to ‘hurry up’ as we rush from one place to the next.  I think a re-organisation of schedules may be in order.  The other part to this is spending time with friends and people who make you happy rather than wasting time on those who don’t.  There is no better food for the soul than sitting in the back garden laughing with your friends while the kids play and delicious food cooks on the BBQ.  Roll on summer and making memories!  I have my new diary and calendar so I am going to start contacting friends and booking in dates with them to get together and have a good old catch up.

Well, thank you 2016 for all the fun times, now roll on 2017 for the even better times.  I would love to hear your new years resolutions and plans for 2017 so make sure to leave a comment below.

Have a very Happy New Year from our family to yours xx

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