A Winter’s Walk Hunting Elves

We had a lovely morning today exploring the nearby village of East Hendred and hunting for elves.



There are 12 elves to find and you can collect a trail map for £1 from the village shop. They are hidden in all sorts of places from people’s front gardens to the village church. Clues on the trail sheet help you along the way and there is a question to answer for each elf once you have located it.

The village is very dear to me as it is where my Nan lives and I have spent my entire childhood visiting and taking walks with her there.



The village organises regular scarecrow trails which are always good fun and there are owl sculptures to discover around the village throughout the year.  It really is an enchanting little place and there is always something different to see.

The Christmas wreaths on the doors of the houses today were beautiful. I hope the owners don’t mind me sharing some photos below.

The elf trail is on until Sunday 2nd January if you want to take part x

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