Our New Addition

So as if our household wasn’t crazy enough with 3 little monkeys we decided to add a little more fun into the mix. We got a puppy!


Meet Willow our 9 week old Borador (labrador x border collie). We picked her up this morning and surprised the kids who had absolutely no idea (and before anyone starts yelling ‘a puppys not just for Christmas’, we are well aware of that and have been looking for the right puppy to join our family for months – so there!).  Lois (6) is over the moon. She has been wishing for 3 years straight for a puppy at every wishing well, dandelion blow and birthday candles blow. This really is her dream come true. She has totally proved how dedicated she is as well today as she has watched over the puppy from the moment she arrived and has helped with every aspect of caring for her. Cody is less than enthusiastic and has spent most of the day throwing tantrums to get attention and crying that he doesn’t want a dog. Someone doesn’t like no longer being the baby of the family!


She is seriously cute as you can see and such a happy, content little thing (I’m talking about the puppy, not Lois). I’m saying this now but by tomorrow it could be a whole other story if she’s up howling half the night! Fingers crossed we’ve read up enough to know how to train her and over time she’ll settle in just fine. Wish us luck!


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