A Walk With Milo

We had the pleasure of looking after Mother-In-Laws dog Milo today.  Milo is a 3 year old jack russell x chihuahua and is particularly popular with our children.  As it was such a beautiful afternoon Cody and I donned our wellies and took him off for a long walk around Mowbray Fields which is a lovely nature reserve area literally over the road from our house.


A certain little boy was very happy both his sisters were at school so he could have the job of holding the lead all by himself for as long as he liked.


He looks so pleased with himself!

20161214_140137Now you can’t pass by a tunnel without having a good shout and hearing the echo.  Anyone else’s kids love doing this? Maybe I should add it to my list of ‘Simple Things’ ?


Such a gorgeous day for a walk.  I love days like this where the sky is blue, the sun is low in the sky and you’re wrapped up all cosey in a nice warm jumper and coat.  Lush.  Despite the fact my car failed its MOT this morning and then tonight the oven has blown up I still cant help but feel relaxed after this lovely walk.  Its certainly good for the soul x


We were glad of the welly boots!


And found an alternative path to explore that I’d never noticed before.


Of course a bit of puddle jumping was absolutely essential to make the day complete (did I mention ‘Simple Things’?!)


Thank you Milo x

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